This page is about Iris’ passion and profession: African Wildlife Photography.
Born in Belgium, Iris travelled for some years across French speaking West Africa before moving to South Africa in 2005. An accountant by profession, Iris’ photographic career began as an autodidact with a basic DSLR camera, a second hand tele lens and her first trip to the Kalahari. After exploring almost all the nature reserves in Southern Africa for many years, Iris started to venture into the Serengenti and especially the Mara Triangle in 2013. Althought the harsh and unforgiving Kalahari will always remain her all time favorite, the Mara Triangle with its high population of predators is the place to be for a photographer specialised in big cats. Consequently, Iris relocated from Johannesburg to Nairobi in May 2016. Her work has been widely published especially in Germany.